14th April 2020

TMJ – Stress, tension & headaches

The muscles of the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are found alongside your jaw and cheeks. When the muscles in your jaw tense up from stress, such as when you grind your teeth, the pain can spread to many more muscles including those in your cheeks and the sides and top of your head. This widespread tension and contraction of muscles in your head can then cause a headache.

For quick relief lightly press your tongue against the roof of your mouth to relax the jaw and gently massage the sore muscles in your face and head. Placing a warm compress on the TMJ joint can also bring quick relief.

TMJ can also be caused by pain radiating from dental problems so if it persists then seek advice from a dental professional and your Doctor.

TMJ can be a very distracting condition and often causes a headache

Many people clench their jaw during times of stress and over time it can become an involuntary response to stressful situations and an anxious mind. Meditation and relaxing into your natural breath can be good long term solutions in this instance.

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